HTC One M10: 5 things HTC has to get right this time

As per the latest updates of HTC M10, they are going to release m10 Smartphone in March / April after MWC 2016. Phone is expected to have powerful specs and features. We also got few rumours that this phone will have Ultra pixel camera which is more accurate when it come to quality pictures.


With the launch of the lousy quarterly amounts of HTC, it is time to think on what to expect with the following main of the company - the HTC One M10. Our time with it additionally shown flaws as well as the matters which need enhancing much though we loved the HTC One M9. With the fortunes on the slide once again of HTC, HTC really needs to step things up with the One M10. Here are the key areas on which we think HTC should focus.

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Has the HTC One M9 helped HTC?

It's crunch time for HTC. HTC has declined significantly in its latest quarterly figures after just holding on a net profit the last few quarters.

For reference, this time last year, HTC reported 65 billion NT in earnings as well as a net profit after tax of 2.26 billion NT. The reversion has been enormous in the relative profitability of the HTC One M7 and HTC One M8 compared to the One M9. Commercially speaking, the HTC One M9 has failed to save HTC.

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What does HTC have to change in the One M10?

What exactly does this mean for HTC? Not good things. The HTC One M9 suffered to the HTC One M8 from backlash over its near-identical looks, despite being one of 2014's finest smartphones.

The One M9 also endured from claims of overheating and thermal throttling thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 central processing unit. Experiments into other product groups like the RE Camera clearly have not paid off and the RE Vive virtual reality headset may well prove too expensive to be competitive.

There is just not the One M9 for some individuals and enough transform between the One M8. The good news is that this means HTC will truly have to shake things up with the HTC One M10. The organisation just cannot afford to take it easy. In order to expect HTC to go all out: new features, new design and hopefully a more thoroughly tested CPU.


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In this list of 5 things we wish to see in HTC's next flagship, we've also taken into account technologies that are not prepared for the mass market yet, and other jobs of HTC's that we're actually expecting have some part to play in the HTC M10.

The HTC One M9 looks fantastic, but by next year it'll undoubtedly be time for a change. 


1. HTC One M10 layout

The HTC One M9 seems fabulous - no one's trying to take credit away from it there. The One M7 paved the way for aluminum to be a vital feature in flagship phones, and blew us all away. Us impressed with its additional curviness. It just didn't really surprise is in any manner. Apart from a fine brushed metal effect, there was a sense that we had seen it all before, depriving it of that 'wow' factor of its forerunners.


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HTC probably knows that it'll have to be somewhat more revolutionary when designing the One M10. For all its talk of the One collection being the unchanging 'Porsche' of smartphones, the public seeks a refresh every now and then. The need for a rethink is not as pressing as, say, Samsung's was building up to the Galaxy S6, but by next it will be high time us wows again. Many also see the area below the bezel comprising the HTC logo as a waste of space, so perhaps that could be used more productively?

What would you want to see in the HTC One M10 layout? Should HTC infuse its chassis with a bit of Samsung-design glass, eliminate unused space that is bezel? Or perhaps a radical change is not really needed after all. There's a strong case to be made that the HTC One M9 is still the best-looking cellphone around, so maybe HTC will take an 'as we were' approach (fingers crossed they don't).


2. HTC One M10 camera
The Achilles heel of recent HTC mains has undoubtedly become the rear camera. Moving the 4MP (sorry, 'UltraPixel') camera from the back of the HTC One M8 to the front of the One M9 was a great move, but the 20.7MP camera on the rear of the M9 proves that high MP count does not automatically equate to a great camera.

We had like to - and expect to - see better autofocus technology, so you could take photos faster than with the One M9 camera (HTC could learn a number of tricks from LG's Laser AutoFocus technology here). The One M8 really had a wider aperture than the One M9 (f/2.0 vs f/2.2), meaning it was capable of letting in more light when shooting pictures. We anticipate the One M10 camera to have an aperture of at least f/2.0, as well as Optical Image Stabilisation, if HTC is to finally become a contender in the camera department. It's about time the waters were tested by HTC with a QHD screen.


3. HTC One M10 display
The attribute of the One M9 that will most definitely need upgrade is the screen, which is the same 5-inch Full HD IPS as the HTC One M8. Even upon launch, the HTC One M9 screen lagged behind competing mobile screens like those on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the old LG G3, both of which have QHD resolutions.

Behind sticking with a Total High Definition screen hTC's reasoning was to maintain battery power, but the powerful lifespan in both the Galaxy S6 and LG G3 batteries implies that QHD displays are not always the battery drains HTC thinks they are. We imagine when QHD will very much be the average HTC will have learned its lesson by next year.


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Size-wise, main smartphones appear to get settled on the 5.0-5.2-inch sweet spot, so we're not expecting the One M10 display to be larger than that (that job will likely be left to forms equivalent to this year's HTC One M9 and HTC One E9)

Could HTC Vive have a function to play in the HTC One M10?
One of the greatest surprises to have emerged from MWC 2015 was the statement of the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset designed in collaboration with PC gaming platform Steam.

From what we understand so far, the Vive will be aimed at PC gamers, and early tests suggest it's tremendous potential to lead the virtual reality revolution. With HTC's main focus still being the cellular market, we are wondering whether the VR headset that is strong will have some part. This will to some extent is determined by the graphical firepower that the One M10 is going to be really capable of, because utilizing such a technology on below-par visuals would squander its possibility.

HTC has not signaled that the Vive will be used with its mobile devices, but we're expecting that HTC doesn't forget the mobile medium on which it developed its reputation.

With USB Type- C already appearing in notebooks, it'll be the new standard for smartphones also. / (c) Google


USB Type-C
Turning from the mind-blowing to the ordinary but exceptionally useful, we think the USB C cable is the most exciting cable since HDMI. It's just about ready for mass production, so we should be seeing it packed with devices shortly.

What's so exciting about it? Reversible ends, charging that is faster, data transfers that are more rapid, and compatibility with bigger devices like notebooks. Read our piece on why USBC is the all-in-one cable you have been looking forward to.


Also HTC is rumoured for preparing HTC X9 Smartphone for its mid range mobile lineup.

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